Saturday, December 15, 2007

Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish

Steve Jobs' speech at Stanford has inspired more than a million people who have watched it online. He takes only 15 minutes to convey something very powerful and deep -- "stay hungry, stay foolish". In his speech, he narrates three stories from his life, each with this message.
The first one is on how he dropped out of college and took a calligraphy course, which was useful in his later life when he included these intricate fonts in Macintosh (and subsequently copied over by Windows).
The second story is about how he got kicked out of Apple, the company he founded, and started another company called NeXt, and later yet another called Pixar (the makers of Toy Story). These were acquired by Apple, and Jobs was back as its CEO.
Third story he tells, is about how he was diagonised of an uncurable type of cancer, and how later it was found that it was actually curable. This incident made him think of life in a new way.

This speech earned him a standing ovation from the entire super brains of Stanford.

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